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A podcast by WA experts for WA listeners, hosted by @TrentFleskens, Managing Director of Strategic Property Group, Strategic Settlements and Strategic Mortgages Perth.

272 – Mastering the Art of Property Development ft. Tim Willing

In this stimulating episode of the Perth Property Show, Trent Fleskens converses with esteemed developer, Tim Willing of Willing Property. Known for exceptional development projects in renowned areas like Mount Lawley, Tim’s real estate journey oozes dedication. Despite the challenges in property development, his resilience and innovative approach set a remarkable example.

Tim’s unique selling proposition – authenticity, scarcity, and excellence, sets Willing Property apart. The company prides itself on developing apartments chosen for not just convenience, but for the lifestyle experience they deliver, blending seamlessly into local surroundings.

The episode highlights the crucial role of location in property development alongside Tim’s commitment to sustainable construction practices. Committed to being a thoughtful developer, Tim’s implementation of locality, sustainable practices, and a dedication to enhancing community experiences through everyday pleasures showcases his thoughtful mentality.

The segment spotlights on common architectural trends within the urban landscape and delves into Tim’s strategy of utilizing license within projects for additional height, levels, and value. These elements combined with a balance in risk management have created successful projects within urban development. A discussion surrounding the interaction with the planning system further illuminates hurdles faced in architecture and urban developments and potential for a systemic change to accommodate urban infill.

Finally, Tim shares in-depth insights into his projects and the positives and negatives faced within Hera. His emphasis on improvement, commutation with a skilled team, and focus on the needs and wants of homeowners illustrates his dedicated mindset and motivations for creating beautiful city spaces.

The episode is an insightful conversation for anyone interested, or involved within property development, providing resourceful tips, valuable insights, and inspiration for success within the ever-changing property landscape.

Tim Willing
Tim is the Managing Director of Willing Property

272 – Mastering the Art of Property Development ft. Tim Willing