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270 – Gosnells Suburb Update Jan24 ft. Shane Beaumont

In this episode of The Perth Property Show, Shane Beaumont and I delve into the thriving property market in the south-eastern Perth suburb of Gosnells. They discuss the significant changes in property prices, the types of housing showing the most growth, and the wider market dynamics.

Learn about how investors from the East Coast have spurred Gosnells’ property market development, offering massive value and driving prices higher. Fleskens and Beaumont analyze the sustainability of these trends and the shift in the buyer profile from mostly local to a mix of East Coast buyers. Despite soaring growth, the local rental market remains robust, and the hosts highlight the potential of villas as investment options.

We also explore the emerging growth observed in other suburbs closer to Perth. This episode further highlights the value of understanding specific market dynamics, renovation opportunities, and the lucrative investment potential in suburbs like Canning Vale.

Guest Shane Beaumont offers an in-depth analysis of Gosnells’ property market, reflecting on demographic changes, the importance of newer suburbs, and potential future scenarios. He also talks about how downgrading homeowners are opting for unusual purchases, and reflects on property transactions and how they shape the market trends in Western Australia.

The discussion ultimately centers around the promising future of the property market in 2024, suggesting tactical approaches for potential buyers navigating this complex landscape and sharing perspectives on low housing stock implications. Finally, suburb profiles, property values, and the role of interest rates are all explored, offering valuable insight into the complex world of property investment. Tune in to The Perth Property Show to learn more!


Shane Beaumont
Shane is one of Perth's top selling agents

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270 – Gosnells Suburb Update Jan24 ft. Shane Beaumont